Ph.D Payment of Fees

Ph.D Payment of Fees

Registration Period - Regular : (six monthly Installments)
(w.e.f. Academic Year 2009-2010)

Ph.D. degree programmes in Archaeology ,Linguistics , Sanskrit & Lexicography

Sr. No.   Indian Student Foreign Student
WM (Rs) OM (Rs)
1. Admission 2000 5000 US$1200/800
2. Tuition
I-VI Insts.
VII-X Insts.



Rs. 2500
3. Laboratory 250 500 Rs. 500
4. Computer 250 300 Rs. 500
5. Library 250 350 Rs. 500
6. Gymkhana 100 150 Rs. 150
7. Students Welfare Fund
I-VI Insts.
VII Inst.
VIII Inst.
IX Inst.
X Inst.



Rs. 150
Rs. 650
Rs. 1150
Rs. 1650
Rs. 2150
8. Development Fund 250 250 Rs. 250
9. Identity/Library Card 100 100 Rs. 100
Total I Inst. 4300 7800 US$1200/800+
  II-VI Insts. 2200 2700 Rs.4550
  VII Insts. 2450 3200 Rs.4550
  VIII Inst. 2950 3700 Rs.5050
  IX Inst. 3450 4200 Rs.5550
  X Inst. 3950 4700 Rs.6050
Other Fees:
1. Synopsis 4000 4000 Rs. 4000
2. Convocation & Degree Certificate 500 500 Rs. 500
3. Migration Certificate 100 100 Rs. 100
1. Library Deposit 1000 1000 Rs.1000
II. Post-Doctoral Doctoral/Casual Research (Maximum five years)
1. Affiliation fee (per year) 10000 10000 Rs. 10000


Inst. Instalment – Period of six months
Ind. – Indian: Citizen of India
For. – Foreigner: Citizen of a foreign country/ who holds a foreign passport/ Non-resident Indian.
WM – Within Maharashtra: Domicile of Maharashtra.
OM – Outside Maharashtra: Domicile outside Maharashtra.
US$1200 - for foreign students who have migrated from a foreign University
US$800 - for foreign students who have migrated from an Indian University


  • All compulsory fees will be paid per Semester except Admission, I Card and Library card fees which will be paid only during admission to the Ph.D. degree Course.
  • The admission fee for foreign students is inclusive of English Language and Medical Test fees.
  • Affiliation for Post doctoral, Casual Research will be taken as Admission fee. No other fees will be charged.
  • Rest of the Rules pertaining to payment of fees will remain the same.
EXTENSION Period -1 year
Sr. No. Installment WM OM FOR
1. XI 5450 6200 7550
2. XII 5950 6700 8050

Rules regarding payment of fees

  • The fees prescribed above shall be paid in full. Part payment of fees shall not be accepted. Along with the fees the student shall submit six monthly progress report of the work done by him & recommended by the research guide.
  • All fees shall be paid by the due date. Non-payment of fees, as scheduled, will require the student to pay late fee of Rs. 100/- per month per Installment up to a maximum of six months for every non-paid Installment. Student whose fees are being paid by Government / University or any agency shall be exempted from paying late fee.
  • A backward class student shall be exempted from paying tuition fees. It shall be claimed by him, from the Government, as part of his scholarship, and paid to the Institute when the claim is sanctioned.
  • If a thesis is submitted earlier than the stipulated registration period the tuition and other compulsory fees shall be paid in full only up to that particular installment which covers the period of submission.
  • A Student getting scholarship from the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Govt. of India shall be exempted from paying Admission fee.
  • For converting the US$ to Indian rupees the rate printed in magazines like India Today, Business India etc or in reputed newspapers may be used to determine the exchange rate.
  • Admission fee shall be paid by a student only at his first admission to a degree course at the Institute.
  • For re-registration to the Ph.D. course a student shall pay tuition and other compulsory fees beginning from the first installment except admission fee. Before re- registration he student should have paid all the fees which were pending up to the cancellation of his earlier registration.
  • If a student decides to discontinue the course after paying all the fees, the tuition and other compulsory fees paid by him will be refunded after deducting 25% of the total amount of these fees paid, towards administrative charges, provided he submits a written application within one month (30 days) from the date he takes admission to the course. Application for refund shall not be considered after the due date.
  • As part of the admission procedure if a foreign student fails to pass the English Language Test or is found medically unfit, his admission to the degree programme shall be cancelled by the Institute. In such case the tuition and other compulsory fees paid by him will be refunded after deducting 50% of these fees as administrative charges.
  • With exception to clauses (i) and (j) mentioned above, all fees paid shall remain non -refundable.
  • Library and Hostel deposits will be refunded after the student submits No Dues certificates from the Departments /sections concerned.
  • If a Ph.D. student getting scholarship from the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) abstains himself from the Institute, without permission, for a long period, the Institute shall recommend to the ICCR the cancellation of his scholarship. But since the Institute had admitted him as a student to the Ph.D. degree programme:
    • It shall retain tuition and other Compulsory fees and hostel fees for the remaining part of the installment during which he left the Institute plus the next 6 monthly installment;
    • Shall return to the Council the unpaid amount of stipend, ACA etc.
  • In case of conflict of opinion in the interpretation of any rule regarding payment of fees, refund etc., the decision of the Director of the Institute shall be final and binding on all concerned.