Normally the library acquires books and periodicals by purchase, gifts (from individuals, Institutions, and Government), complimentary review copies and exchange copies against the Institute's publications. The Library subscribes more than 150 Indian and foreign journals. It also has a good exchange program with the learned institutions all over the world. There are nearly 175 institutions on exchange mailing list for the Deccan College Bulletin and other publications. Notwithstanding the limited nature of funds, the library has tried its best to purchase all essential books and continues to subscribe to 'core' journals from its regular grants so far. It has been possible to build up a good and useful reference collection consisting of various Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, Atlases, Gazetteers, Census Reports, Annuals, Directories, Archaeological Reports and Memoirs, Linguistic Survey of India Reports etc. The library has also enriched its collections on the fringed and supporting fields such as Science & Technology, Art & Architecture, Botany, Ecology, Geology, Palaeontology, Agriculture, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Education, Marathi, Ayurveda, Medicine, Mysticism and of course Indology – Orientology. The library honors all the suggestions received from the teaching staff, research scholars, students and also visiting scholars to keep its collection up-to date.

Items No. of Volumes
Books 115609
Bound Volumes of Periodicals 35613
Manuscripts 11170
Doctoral Dissertations (Theses) 801
M.A. / M. Phil Dissertations 432
Microfilms 296
Micro-cards 761
Micro-fiche 1898
Computer Floppies 60
CD-ROM Disk 247
Video Cassettes 27
Audio Cassettes 10

Maps and Atlases

Survey Sheets 6623
Survey Maps 1477
Wall Maps 271
National Geographic Maps 132

Notable Collections

The notable collection of books and periodicals (published from early 16th Century onwards) to our library has some of the rarest and unique titles.

Personal Collections:

The library houses collections of the following renowned scholars.

  • Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak Vedic Collection.
  • Riyasatkar Sardesai Collection on Maratha History.
  • Dr. S.K. De Collection on Sanskrit and German.
  • Dr. S.M. Katre Collection on Linguistics.
  • Dr. A.M. Ghatage Collection on Linguistics, Sanskrit & Religion.
  • Dr. Irawati Karve Collection on Sociology and Anthropology.
  • Dr. H.D. Sankalia Collection on Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology.
  • Dr. S.B. Deo Collection on Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology.
  • Dr. V.N. Misra Collection on Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology.
  • Dr. K. Paddayya Collection on Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology.
  • Dr. G.H. Khare Collection on Maratha History.
  • Dr. M.M. Mathur Collection on Subjects related to Archaeology.
  • American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) Collection on Indian Culture, Art and Thoughts.
  • Shri S.M. Mate Collection on Mixed Subjects.
  • Dr. H.C. Patyal Collection on Linguistics and Sanskrit
  • Dr. Meera Kosambi Collection on History
  • Dr. M.K. Dhavalikar Collection on Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology
Thumb-Size Bhagwat Gita:

One of the tiniest Bhagwat Gita prints ever made forms the most precious collection of our Library. It is 2.3 cm long, 1.6 cm wide and 0.75 cm thick and consists of 392 pages. This contains not only the entire Gita with illustrations but some other books also. The book is in the Devnagari script. Since it is only thumb-size, it is called the "Angusthamatra Gita". The text is so clear that it can be read without the help of a magnifying glass. However, a lens is attached to its brass case. The case along with the Gita is shaped as a pendant. The book is hard-bound with golden decorations on it.

Manuscript Collection:

The library has about 12,000 rare handwritten paper manuscripts and some palm- leaf Manuscripts. Three descriptive catalogues of Sanskrit Manuscripts have been published by the Deccan College, covering in part collections on Veda, Kavya and Dharmasastra.

Sanskrit Collection :

The Sanskrit section with the Departmental Library of the Sanskrit Dictionary Project is one of the best and well-organized collections in the field.

Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak Memorials under the Library custody: