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1 Ph.D Provisional Admission List01/02/2023 Click Here
2 Certificate Course in 'Python Programming for Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing28/01/2023 Click Here
3 Virtual Open Day 2023 organised by the Department of Linguistics23/01/2023 Click Here
4 Deccan College Distinguished Lecture Series - Lecture by Prof. Jyotiranjan S. Ray on 18.01.202311/01/2023 Click Here
5 Certificate Course in Sanskrit Language Learning for the Academic year 2022-2323/12/2022 Click Here
6 Certificate Course in Sanskrit Language Learning for the Academic year 2022-23 Announcement 23/12/2022 Click Here
7 Documentation of Different Aspects of Language08/12/2022 Click Here
8 Advertisement for CHB Teachers in Linguistics08/12/2022 Click Here
9 One day workshop on heritage documentation 25/11/2022 Click Here
10 One day workshop on “Application of LIDAR in Cultural Heritage Investigations”25/11/2022 Click Here
11 Marathi Dialects Projects 2022 - WALK-IN INTERVIEWS Updated24/11/2022 Click Here
12 Revised Japanese courses December 202222/11/2022 Click Here
13 Revised Date for Ph. D. Interview18/11/2022 Click Here
14 Mehendale Seminar Circular16/11/2022 Click Here
15 Revised Admission for Buddhism Course Notice 22-23 12/11/2022 Click Here
16 Golden Hours12/11/2022 Click Here
17 Eligibility Application Notice11/11/2022 Click Here
18 Paper format for the Online Ph.D entrance examination07/11/2022 Click Here
19 Revised Advertisement for positions in Marathi Dialects Project 202203/11/2022 Click Here
20 Ph.D Entrance Exam02/11/2022 Click Here
21 PhD entrance exam instructions02/11/2022 Click Here
22 Deccan College Distinguished Lecture Series28/10/2022 Click Here
23 Application form for the positions in Marathi Dialects Projects 202221/10/2022 Click Here
24 Application form for the positions in Marathi Dialects Projects 202220/10/2022 Click Here
25 E-tender for Invitation of Architectural Consultancy for the Development of Archaeological Theme Park in Gorewada International Zoological Park, Nagpur18/10/2022 Click Here
26 Lithic Workshop12/10/2022 Click Here
27 Application form for the post of Registrar11/10/2022 Click Here
28 Qualification for the post of Registrar11/10/2022 Click Here
29 Advertisement for the post of Registrar10/10/2022 Click Here
30 Italian course October 202203/10/2022 Click Here
31 12th Convocation Ceremony03/10/2022 Click Here
32 Notification for the Students for Convocation 202202/10/2022 Click Here
33 12th Convocation Ceremony 01/10/2022 Click Here
34 National Seminar on "Contribution of Tribal Heroes in India's Freedom Struggle"26/09/2022 Click Here
35 Persian course October 202219/09/2022 Click Here
36 Italian course September 202216/09/2022 Click Here
37 Open Day of An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Sanskrit on Historical Principles 14/09/2022 Click Here
38 Foreign Language Orientation Programme09/09/2022 Click Here
39 7 day online programme on Learning from the Past: A Multidisciplinary Guide for the Curious Teacher06/09/2022 Click Here
40 Submission of Eligibility Application 01/09/2022 Click Here
41 M.A sem -III Admission Notice30/08/2022 Click Here
42 Certificate Course: Python for Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing - Sep 202222/08/2022 Click Here
43 Certificate Course: Python Programming for Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing22/08/2022 Click Here
44 List for Hostel allotment in Ladies Hostel18/08/2022 Click Here
45 List for Hostel allotment in Gents Hostel13/08/2022 Click Here
46 Contributions for the Bulletin05/08/2022 Click Here
47 Hostel Accommodation Form05/08/2022 Click Here
48 Fee Structure for M.A Admission03/08/2022 Click Here
49 M.A Admission Result 2022-202302/08/2022 Click Here
50 Admission notice - Ph.D 2022- 202325/07/2022 Click Here
51 Steps to fill Admission form22/07/2022 Click Here
52 Facets of multilingualism programme schedule17/07/2022 Click Here
53 Admission Notice of Certificate Course in Archaeology of Buddhism12/07/2022 Click Here
54 International Workshop on Nominalization Gender and Classifiers 4th August 202211/07/2022 Click Here
55 M. A. DEGREE ADMISSION NOTICE 2022-2306/07/2022 Click Here
56 Advertisement for Gender Champions 2022-202305/07/2022 Click Here
57 Notice of 12th Convocation Ceremony 01/07/2022 Click Here
58 Convocation Ceremony: Application Form01/07/2022 Click Here
59 SCHEDULE FOR M. A. ENTRANCE TEST01/07/2022 Click Here
60 Steps to Fill Admission Form07/03/2022 Click Here