• The Institute shall hold a convocation ceremony every year or after two years or as found convenient. Degree certificates shall be awarded at the convocation ceremony to the students who have successfully completed a degree course conducted by this Institute. The student shall apply for award of the degree certificate at the convocation in the prescribed application form and pay the necessary fees. Those students who apply for award of the degree certificate in-presentia shall be awarded the same at the convocation ceremony while students who apply for it in-absentia shall be sent the degree certificates by post.
  • The degree shall be conferred on the student with the approval of the Chancellor and the Director. It shall be signed by the Chancellor and/ the Director of the Institute.
  • As laid down in the Rules of the Institute, the Chancellor shall preside over the convocation ceremony and deliver the Chancellorial Address. The Chief Guest for the function shall be selected by the Management Council on the recommendation of the Academic Council. He shall be an eminent personality. He may be an eminent scholar in the subjects being studied at the Institute, or an administrator in the State or Central Governments such as a ministerial person, secretary, etc. He shall deliver the Convocation Address.
  • Since the degree certificate is very essential for a student in advancement of his career, the Institute shall be prompt in holding the convocation and awarding degree certificates to the students in time. In case, during a particular year, it is not possible for the Institute to hold a convocation function, in order to avoid delay in the award of degree certificates to the students, the Institute may present the certificates directly to the students. This provision may be made use of only under exceptional circumstances.