Deccan College Past Students Association


The Deccan College Past Students Association (DCPSA), Poona was formed in the year 1935, basically to protest against the Government'sclosure in the previous year of the Deccan College on grounds of non-viability. The Association filed a case in District Court, Pune and received a favourableverdict in1936. However, the Bombay Presidency filed an appeal in Bombay High Court against the favourable verdict of Pune District Court. After protracted legal proceedings involving mutual consent the High Court gave the verdict in 1938 obliging the Government to restart the college. So the Deccan College was revived as a Post-Graduate and Research Institute on 17th August 1939.

Since then Principal N.D. Nagarwala and other members of the Past Students Association started meeting in an informal way at Deccan College once a year on 17th August, the practice continues till date. Thus 17th August began to be celebrated initially as the Foundation Day but later as a Revival Day. This tradition still continue and the General Body Meeting of the Association is conducted every year on this day, formally.

The main objectives of the Deccan College Past Student's Associations are as follows:

  1. Playing a constructive role in the development of the Institute/University.
  2. Support the administration and give academic and other guidance from time to time.
  3. Provide academic inputs by conducting special lectures and guiding the young students in their academic endeavours.
  4. Encouraging social gatherings of past students to share ideas and experience.
  5. Institution in 2012 of a special annual award in the name of Sir RamkrishnaGopalBhandarkar Cash Prize to be given to the student scoring the highest percentage of marks in MA Examination of the University.

The Life Membership fees of the DCPSA is Rs. 200/- and presently the Association has a total membership of 145 students.

1. Chairperson Prof. S.N. Rajaguru
2. Vice-Chairman Prof. V.N. Misra
3. Vice-Presidents Prof. M.K. Dhavalikar
Prof. K.Paddayya
Prof. V.S. Shinde
Prof. K.S. Nagaraja
Prof. B.C. Deotare
4. Secretary Dr. Satish Naik
5. Joint Secretaries Dr.Mrs.Kinjawadekar
Dr.Arati Deshpande-Mukharjee
Dr. P.S. Joshi
6. Treasurer Dr. Shahida Ansari
List of Life Members

If any past student is interested to become the member of the DCPSA, may contact to

The Secretary
Deccan College Past Student's Association
Deccan College Postgraduate & Research Institute
Yerwada, Pune 411006

+91 9850127591