Department of Linguistics

Doctoral Dissertations Completed List : Linguistics

Sr. No. Name Title of the Thesis Name of the Guide Year
190 Geyi Ete Descriptive Study of Bokar Language Shailendra Mohan 2019
189 Jadhav Arvind T. Spatial Postpositions in Marathi: A Cognitive Semantic Approach Sonal Kulkarni-Joshi 2018
188 Swapnil D. Moon A Computational Analysis of Marathi Noun and Verb Morphology Shailendra Mohan 2017
187 Esther Talang Khasi-English Code Mixing and Code Switching in Khasi and Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya Shailendra Mohan 2017
186 Atiur Rahman Khan Suffix Concatenation in Bangla Noun Morphology: A Finite State Automata (FSA) Model Sonal Kulkarni-Joshi 2017
185 Ms. Anupama Pol Role of Communication Strategies in the Development of Oral Communication skills in English: A Case Study of Undergraduate Students in Solapur University Sonal Kulkarni-Joshi 2017
184 Ms. Apinao Reisangmi Leisan Grammar and Texts of Hunphun Variety of Tangkhul Naga Language Sonal Kulkarni-Joshi 2017
183 Rev. AriyawansaMorakandegoda A Structural Study of the Verb in Classical Sinhalese Sonal Kulkarni-Joshi 2016
182 Rev. Kapugollawe Anandakiththi Thero A contrastive study of Sinhala & Marathi K. S. Nagaraja 2014
181 Rungkarn Duangthip Ahom and standard Thai: A Descritpive-Comparative Study S. R. Sharma 2012
180 Warisara Champa A Descriptive Study of Phuan Dialect K. S. Nagaraja 2012
179 Shubhangi P. Kardile Ethnolinguistic Study of Mahadeo Kolis K. S. Nagaraja 2012
178 Debashree Simlai Discrimination in Discourse – Gender and Power S. R. Sharma 2012
177 Avinash Pandey Evolution of the concept of Synchronic Linguistics and its implications on the Study of Language in 20th Century. R. V. Dhongde 2010
176 Kalika Nitin Mehta An Attitudinal Study of Jain Dasha Shreemalee Variety Speakers towards Marathi and Marathi Speakers’ R. V. Dhongde 2010
175 Rushmeecharoen Thanittha Expression of Respect, Contempt and Indifference in Standard Thai’ R. V. Dhongde 2010
174 Sengnet Rujira Descriptive Study of Kensiw Dialet (Spoken in Southern Thailand) K. S. Nagaraja 2009
173 Sarwat Un-Nisa Communication Strategies among Adolescents in Kashmir R. V. Dhongde 2007
172 M. S. Mayadeo Semiotic interpretation of Bra:hmana literature R. V. Dhongde 2004
171 M.M. Gandhi Communicative competence and discourse strategies (A study of communication in English at the undergraduate level in Maharashtra) R.V. Dhongde 2004
170 S.K. Jha Human Versus Machine Translatability of English-Hindi Translation S. R. Sharma 2004
169 Duovituo Kuolie Structural Description of Tenyidie: A Tibeto-Burman Language of Nagaland S. R. Sharma 2004
168 A. A. Shuja’a Business English in Yemen: An Empirical study of Needs Analysis S. R. Sharma 2004
167 Abdulkader Sultan Abdul Haq Language of Journalism: A study of some difficulties faced by Translators of the Yemeni Press K.S. Nagaraja 2004
166 V. Chand (Dutt) Sadhu Bhasha to Colit: A case study Diglossia in Banglaa S. R. Sharma 2003
165 V. G. Durge Case in Marathi R.V. Dhongde 2001
164 N.S. More Langauge needs of Marathi society & syllabus designing of English R. V. Dhongde 2002
163 M. G. Al-Ghrafy Abulsalam Prewriting and rewriting Strategy instruction at college level (EFL classes in Yemen) S.R. Sharma 2000
162 U.V. Joseph Correlative Linguistics : A case study of Rabha R.V. Dhongde 1999
161 Ekasit Nuemaihom Sociolinguistic Study of Kinship Terms and Pronominal Strategy in Isan S.R. Sharma 1999
160 Wites Muakthaisong Language of Thai News papers (and general Magazines) K.S. Nagaraja 1999
159 R. Swain Grammar of Bonda Language K.S. Nagaraja 1998
158 S. Mahajan Adhunik Marathi Kavitechya Shailitil Sthityantare R.V. Dhongde 1998
157 Arifuddin Semantic Study of Indonesion Verbs K.S. Nagaraja 1997
156 H.S. Sharma A Contrastive Study of Manipuri (Meiteilon) & Khasi K.S. Nagaraja 1997
155 Narongchai Pintrymool Case in Thai S.R. Sharma 1996
154 M.J. Mahmoud Persian-Arabic Influence on Marathi Lexicon : An Analysis of Molesworth' s Marathi–English Dictionary R.V. Dhongde 1995
153 J. Joseph Mahl: A Descriptive Analysis K.S. Nagaraja 1995
152 A.N. Solankar Kundrala Camp Marathi ani Praman-Marathica Tulanatmak Abhjyas R.V. Dhongde
S.R. Sharma
151 S. Mukherjee Phonology & Morphology of Jadeja Dialect of Sindhi P.B. Rao 1993
150 R. Mathur Phonology and Morphology of standard Hindi P.B. Rao 1993
149 P. Naik Format of Konkani Bilingual Dictionary: Theory and Methodology R.V. Dhongde 1992
148 D. Moral Phonology of Asamiya Dialects: contemporary standard Mayong P.B. Rao 1992
147 Kingcom Phramaha Wilaisak Comparative study of Standard Thai and Tai-Phake spoken in Assam (India) R.V. Dhongde 1992
146 M. Dan Some issues in Metrical Phonology of Bangla: the indigenous research tradition P. Dasgupta 1992
145 V. Jawale Comprehension of Poetry: a comparison between the first language (Marathi) and the second language (English) comprehension of the undergraduate students R.V. Dhongde 1991
144 Adisak Asmimana Linguistic Difficulties in teaching English to Thai Speakers S.R Sharma 1990
143 U.R. Ranade Comparative Study of Tanjore Marathi ( 1750-1850 A.D) R V. Dhongde 1990
142 M.P. Pokharel Experimental Analysis of Nepali Sound System P.B. Rao 1990
141 S.S. Pundalik Riti School of Poetics and its Relevance to modern Approaches to Style R.V. Dhongde 1989
140 D. Gauda Study of Ganjami Dialect of Oriya P.B. Rao 1989
139 T. Parashuraman Marathi dialect of Tamilnadu Puppet Artists A.S. Acharya 1987
138 A. Sasidharan Semantics of Malayalam verbs A.S. Acharya 1987
137 L. Mahabir Singh Grammar of Tong Khul A.S. Acharya 1987
136 S. Basnyat Semantics of Nepali Vocabulary P.B. Rao 1987
135 P. Precha A comparative study of English and Thai word order A.S. Acharya 1986
134 A.R. Dhongde A study of some linguistic features of commercial advertisements in leading magazines and newspapers in Maharashtra in the year 1981 A.S. Acharya 1986
133 N.K. Rai A descriptive study of Bantawa S.R. Sharma 1986
132 C.D. Chingre Linguistic & socio-cultural problems of translation from English into Marathi A.S. Acharya 1986
131 Samorn Gessom A synchronic comparative contrastive study of Modern I - Sau (North-eastern Thai) and standard Thai A.R. Kelkar 1985
130 P.K. Pandey Word accentuation in Hindustani English in relation to word accents in English and Hindustani A.R. Kelkar 1985
129 M. A. Hossain A study of English adpositions relevant to the needs of Bangla speaking learners P. Dasgupta 1985
128 D.B. Balasubramonian Stylistic analysis of journalistic prose in English, Hindi and Tamil with special reference to film review R.V. Dhongde 1985
127 S.K. Joshi A descriptive study of the Bhaktapur Dialect of Newari P.B. Rao 1985
126 Begum Jahan Ara Pronominal usage & Appeliative in Bengali A.R. Kelkar 1985
125 Balkrishna Jha A descriptive study of Maithili language of Nepal A.S. Acharya 1985
124 A.N. Baldota Descriptive analysis of Sirohi V.W. Paranjpe 1984
123 N.A. Dhar A socio-linguistic study of the Kamraz dialect of the kashmiri A.R. Kelkar 1984
122 S.M.I. Andrabi Reference and co-reference
in Kashmiri - A syntactic semantic study
A.R. Kelkar 1984
121 N. Suresh Error analysis of Hindi as spoken & written by Malayalam speaking students A.B. Singh 1983
120 V.V. Bhide A descriptive study of Chitpavani - A Dialect of Marathi A.S. Acharya 1983
119 E. Lavinia Joseph De souza The Error analysis of the English of Junior College students P.B. Rao 1983
118 Janya In-Ong Compounds in Thai P.B. Rao 1983
117 R. Sachadeo A study of the speech of the Punjabi Hindi bilinguals D.M. Joshi 1982
116 M.P. Aneja A comparative study of phonology & grammar of Hindi & French Languages P.B. Rao 1982
115 S. Ramakrishna The Palghat Tamil dialect P.B. Rao 1982
114 T. Hanumantaraya A semantic classification of Kannada verbs D.N.S. Bhat 1981
113 S. Das Historical semantics of Oriya N.M. Sen 1981
112 B. Chattarji A contrastive study of Khari boli & Bazar Hindi of Bombay & Calcutta N.M. Sen 1981
111 U.P. Dalai Descriptive analysis of standard colloquial Oriya of the Puri Dist of Orissa N.M. Sen 1981
110 R. Mishra The Social stratification & linguistic diversity in the Bhojpuri speech community A.B. Singh 1981
109 V. Subramanyan A linguistic study of English language - skills attained in the English medium schools in India A.R. Kelkar 1981
108 D.C. Gautam A descriptive study of Tarai Nepali M.A. Mehendale 1980
107 K. Lekhwani Descriptive study of Nimari N.M. Sen 1980
106 P.K. Kongsin A descriptive analysis of the modern North-eastern Thai dialect N.M. Sen 1980
105 R. Khampuran A descriptive analysis of Malayalam D.M. Joshi 1980
104 P. Madhubala Manipuri Grammar D.N.S. Bhat 1980
103 A.A. Khan A comparative study of English & Urdu D.N.S. Bhat 1980
102 J.P. Khaamsen A case structure study of Thai verbs D.N.S. Bhat 1980
101 V.S. Gandhe Semantics of words denoting four-­footed animals in Vedic A.M. Ghatage 1980
100 A. Paigaonkar The use of mass media for second language in India with special reference to TV and Radio A.R. Kelkar 1979
99 R.C. Sharma Language Retardation - an exploratory psycholinguistic study of a group of Hindi-speaking M R children A.R. Kelkar 1979
98 D. Raghuramraju A study of Telugu of Kuddapah area P.B.Rao 1979
97 M.D. Bhawanani Khari - a dialect of Sindhi H.S. Biligiri 1979
96 S.K. Sthapit English Nepali and Newari - ­a comparison & its padagogic application A.R.Kelkar 1979
95 G. Trivikramaiyya The semantic study of standard Telugu words- a case grammar A.M. Ghatage 1979
94 M.S. Ningomba The Maring language H.S. Biligiri 1979
93 R.T. Shetti Koraga grammar H.S. Biligiri 1979
92 S. Rajendran Syntax & semantics of Tamil verbs P.B. Rao 1978
91 K.S. Nagaraja A descriptive analysis of Khasi H.S. Biligiri 1978
90 G.S. Motadoo Studies in Telugu syntax D.N.S. Bhat 1978
89 A.N. Murthi Historical grammar of middle Telugu H.G. Narahari 1978
88 R. Indira Descriptive analysis of Kadar dialect H.G. Narahari 1978
87 H. Kabir Descriptive analysis of Sandvipi in its socio-cultural context N.M. Sen 1977
86 S. Andres Gondi grammar A.R. Kelkar 1977
85 N. Deshpande Descriptive analysis of Thakari dialect A.M. Ghatage 1977
84 R.R. Tankhuankhatiya A synchronic comparative study of Modern Thai & Modern Lanna N.M. Sen 1976
83 F. Salam Kanyakumari Muslim Tamil A.R. Kelkar 1976
82 S. Bhattacharya A synchronic comparative study of four Malvi dialects N.M. Sen 1976
81 N.R. Bharadwaj Descriptive analysis of Newati N.M. Sen 1975
80 C.S. Pillai Structural semantics of standard Tamil A.M. Ghatage 1975
79 J. Sujata Ballads of North Malabar - A descriptive study H.S. Biligiri 1975
78 D.K. Sankeetmani The descriptive grammar of Nagarcoil Christian Tamil dialect C.R. Sankaran 1975
77 P.A. Takwale A linguistic study of Ardhakathanak A.M. Ghatage 1974
76 B.M. Dahal A description of Nepali-literary & colloquial A.R. Kelkar 1974
75 T. Francis Nominal construction in Tamil -A transformational treatment C.R. Sankaran 1974
74 M.K. Sampat Comparative study of three Gujarati dialects M.A. Mehendale 1974
73 R.V. Dhongde Tense, aspect & mood in English & Marathi A.R. Kelkar 1974
72 S.T. Tolani Contemporary standard Sindhi -
A transformation generative sketch
A.R. Kelkar 1974
71 S.K. Tiwari Descriptive grammar of Kubui D.N.S. Bhat 1973
70 A. Jha Kosti dialect of Marathi A.M. Ghatage 1973
69 P.B. Rao Gadaba - A Dravidian language A.R. Kelkar 1973
68 S. Subba Descriptive analysis of Magar A.R. Kelkar 1973
67 U. Patel A contrastive study of 
S.M. Katre 1973
66 A.S. Acharya Non-Indo-Aryan elements in Sanskrit Vocabulary A.M. Ghatage 1973
65 C.V. Kaushikkar Descriptive analysis of Helbi A.R. Kelkar 1972
64 T.N. Chopade Marathi as spoken by 
N.G. Kalelkar 1972
63 R.K. Srivastava A descriptive analysis of Ho A.M. Ghatage 1972
62 P.B. Sharan A contrastive study of Bhojpuri & English A.R. Kelkar 1971
61 P.B. Meegaskumbura Proto New Indo Aryan Phonology A.M. Ghatage 1971
60 S.P. Upadhyaya Mapila Malayalam- a descriptive and comparative study D.N.S. Bhat 1970
59 D. Singarvelu Historical grammar of Tirukkural C.R. Sankaran 1970
58 S.B. Kulkarni Descriptive analysis of Katkari dialect A.M. Ghatage 1970
57 A.A. Pillai Descriptive grammar of early middle Tamil represented by Hymns of Saivait and Vaishnavaita saints C.R. Sankaran 1970
56 N.S. Murthi Telugu grammar D.N.S. Bhat 1970
55 V.W. Paranjpe Descriptive analysis of Karhadi A.M. Ghatage 1970
54 K.S. Ramsubramanya A linguistic study of Saurashtri language S.M. Katre 1969
53 K.S.G. Gauda Descriptive analysis of Soliga H.S. Biligiri 1969
52 R.L. Trail Lamani phonology - grammar & lexicon H.S. Biligiri 1969
51 K.H. Krishnamurti A socio-linguistic approach - A functional study C.R. Sankaran 1969
50 P.P. Karpurkar Descriptive analysis of Gawadi A.M. Ghatage 1968
49 U.P. Upadhyaya A comparative study of Kannada dialect H.S. Biligiri 1968
48 C.D. Indapurkar Linguistic study of errors in English of the Chandrapur Dist. A.R. Kelkar 1968
47 C. Onkarappa Linguistic analysis of Kumar Vyas Bharat H.S. Biligiri 1968
46 M. D. Balasubramanyam The system of accentuation in Panini and Veda S.M. Katre 1968
45 M.M. Bhagwat A study of Varhadi dialect in the neighbourhood of Akola N.G. Kalelkar 1967
44 K.N. Menon Historical grammar of early old Malayalam C.R. Sankaran 1967
43 A.C. Sinha Phonology & Morphology of a Maghai dialect A.M. Ghatage 1967
42 P. Sinha A descriptive grammar of Lepcha A.M. Ghatage 1967
41 S.D. Laddu Evolution of Sanskrit Language from Panini to Patanjali (with reference to the krt or primary formation) M.A. Mehendale 1966
40 S. Bebarta Descriptive analysis of Madiya dialect A.M. Ghatage 1966
39 P. Vito The nominal compounds in the vinaya & sutta Pitakas S.M. Katre 1966
38 S.K. Rohra Descriptive analysis of Kachi A.M. Ghatage 1966
37 G.G. Thakurtha A critical study of the Prakrit language in Sanskrit dramas E.D. Kulkarni 1965
36 Raviprakash The Verb morphology of Middle IA A.M. Ghatage 1965
35 M.K. Jetley The morphology of Sindhi A.M. Ghatage 1965
34 T. Indubala The language of the Epigrams attributed to Bhartrhari N.G. Kalelkar 1965
33 V. Chitnis Khandeshi dialect N.G. Kalelkar 1964
32 L.G. Joshi Descriptive Grammar of the Khatri dialect S.M. Katre 1964
31 M.V. Sridhar Descriptive analysis of Malbari dialect A.M. Ghatage 1964
30 S.G. Valimbe Descriptive analysis of Mangi Marathi in Malva E.D. Kulkarni 1964
29 R. Mahadevan Rabhasakosa reconstructed on the basis of quotations found in commentarial literature E.D. Kulkarni 1964
28 P.D. Navathe The language of the Sruta-Sutras S.M. Katre 1964
27 M. Prasad Language of Yaska M.A. Mehendale 1964
26 R.N. Maurya Descriptive analysis of the Hindi language of Namdeva A.M. Ghatage 1963
25 K. Minakshi Epic Syntax M.A. Mehendale 1963
24 K. Chingaram The Tigala dialect A.M. Ghatage 1963
23 K. Ranganayaki A study of the variations between colloquial speech & written language in Tamil N.G. Kalelkar 1962
22 D.N.S. Bhat Descriptive analysis of Tulu A.M. Ghatage 1962
21 S. Vaidyanathan Indo-Aryan Elements in Cangam literature M.A. Mehendale 1962
20 H.S. Biligiri A descriptive grammar of Kharia S.M. Katre 1961
19 S.L. Laddu Linguistic analysis of Koli M.A. Mehendale 1961
18 V. A. Bedekar Salihotra of Vanida: A Lexicographical Study S.M. Katre 1959
17 S.M. Ayachit The text of Ganapath S.M. Katre 1959
16 S.V. Bhagvat Phonemic frequencies in Marathi & their relations to a speed-script S.M. Katre 1958
15 V.D. Gokhale Sanskrit loan words in Marathi E.D. Kulkarni 1958
14 G. B. Palsule Sanskrit Dhatupathas S.M. Katre 1956
13 B. Chaitanya Deva Psycho Physics of speech Melody in Dravidian C.R. Sankaran 1956
12 P.C. Ganeshsundaram The duration Phenomena of Speech Elements in Dravidian C.R. Sankaran 1956
11 A.D. Taskar Intonational Patterns of Indo-Aryan & Dravidian C.R. Sankaran 1955
10 D.G. Koparkar The Evolution of Grammatical Gender in Indo-Aryan with special reference to Classical Sanskrit S.M. Katre 1952
9 G.V. Davane Nominal Composition in Middle Indo-Aryan S.M. Katre 1951
8 M.M. Patkar History of Sanskrit Lexicography S.M. Katre 1948
7 A.C. Sekhar The Evolution of Malayalam C.R. Sankaran 1948
6 M.G. Panse Linguistic Peculiarities of Jnaneshwari S.M. Katre 1947
5 G.V. Tagare Historical Grammar of Apabhramsa S.M. Katre 1946
4 G.S. Gai Historical Grammar of Old Kannada (Inscriptions) C.R. Sankaran 1946
3 E.D. Kulkarni Case Variation in Critical Edition of Mahabharata S.M. Katre 1945
2 R.N. Vale Verbal Composition in Indo-Aryan S.M. Katre 1945
1 M.A. Mehendale Historical Grammar of the Inscriptional Prakrit S.M. Katre 1943