Python Programming for Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing

Announcement of the Certificate Course in 'Python Programming for Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing'. Greetings from Deccan College, Pune and MITU Skillologies, Pune

Course Timing & Duration

Timings: 2 Hrs per day (6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, Wednesday to Friday)

Total Course Duration : 5 Weeks (30 Hrs)

Batch Size : 30
Regular assessment will the done to check the performance of candidates.

Prerequisite : Students should have their own laptop/Desktop.

Course Introduction Lecture : TBA

Course Orientation Talk : TBA

Course Introduction Lecture by Tushar Kute, Data Scientist, MITU Skillologies, Pune: 15th February 2023 (6:30 pm to 8:30 pm) . He is B.E. Computer from COEP and M.E. CSE from MIT with 17 years experience in teaching and training. He is Microsoft Certified Technology Associate in Python Programming. He has conducted 30 corporate batches of AI & DS using Python and over 200 student training programs across Maharashtra.



10+2 or equivalent.

Course Contents

  1. Programming Language Principles and Objectives
    • What is Computer Programming (OOPS vs. Non-OOPS, types and names of coding language.
    • Computer Science fundamentals like OS,SDD, File Structure,
    • Data Structure, GUI, .Exe/APIs, Docker concepts ( Only concepts with examples)
    • Logic-gate and basics how computer Process inputs (bytes, Boolean principles)
  2. Python Programming
    • Introduction
    • History and Why Python ( Benefits over other Languages like Java, Prologue, C/C++, C#, F#)
    • What are Syntax and Semantics of Python (how to avoid compilation error)
    • Variables, Data Types
    • Expressions - Print functions, operators
    • Unicode string and data
    • Type Casting, Input
    • if-elif-else, while and for loop
    • break, continue, pass keywords
    • List, Tuple, Set, Dictionary Functions
  3. Functions
    • Built-in functions
    • User defined functions
  4. Files
    • Opening/Reading/Writing
  5. Exception Handling
  6. Regular Expression Matching
    • What is regular expression
    • Regex edit and validation tools
    • Calling of Regex in code and Use the re library
  7. Module: Use of Python: Libraries and Packages
    • Introduction to Jupyter Notebook
    • Introduction to GitHub repository of ready python codes and how to install and run them
    • Library Functions and Installing
  8. Packages/Tools/Calling APIs
    • Unicode text usage
    • Beautiful Soup
    • Pandas
    • NLTK/ SpaCy framework ( NLP concepts and tools usage-PoS tagger, NER, Summarization through such frameworks)
  9. Applications of Computational
  10. Linguistics and Natural Language
  11. Processing
  12. Creating the word-clouds
  13. Text Vectorization
  14. Python Data Analytics Libraries
  15. Using Machine Learning for Classification and Prediction

Prime Highlights of the Course

Complete study material of the course will be made available for participants through Google Classroom. Recording of all lectures will be available regularly for the course participants. Apart from regular lectures, every Monday there will be discussion session to discuss participants queries. Convenient timing for working students and professionals.


Participants’ performance will be assessed (1) continually (this assessment will be out of 50 marks and will include regularity of attendance and students’ performance in internal assignments) and (2) at the end of the course (this assessment will be out of 50 marks).


The final certification, issued by Deccan College, Pune and MITU Skillologies will be issued only to students who pass in both components of the assessment (i.e. continuous and final). The passing mark will be 25 out of 50 marks in each component separately.

Payment Details

Payment mode : Online
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Account Name: Deccan College Deemed University Account
Account Number: 1156861828
IFSC Code: CBIN0280664
Branch: Yerawada

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Key Points

  • Duration
    5 Weeks(30 Hrs)
  • Credits
    2 Credits
  • Course Type
  • Registration Fees
    Rs. 500
  • Course Status
    15th February 2023
  • Course Fee
    Rs. 5,000 only
  • Introduction Lecture
    15th February 2023
  • Course orientation talk