Department of Linguistics

UGC-SAP for Language Contact : Linguistics

The department was awarded in 2011 the Special Assistance Programme of the University Grants Commission of India. The thrust area of the project is Language Contact in India. Under the SAP, faculty and students in the department have taken up individual projects on language contact (especially across language families) including the following language pairs/contact situations: Kannada-Marathi, Telugu-Marathi, Kolami-Marathi, Dakkhini-Marathi, Gondi-Hindi, Galo-Hindi, Khasi-English, Nagpuri Hindi, Nagamese and Arunachali Hindi. Under the Programme, the department organized a national seminar 'Investigating Language Contact in India: Methods, Techniques and Issues' in February 2012. An international conference on 'Language Contact in India: Historical, Typological and Sociolinguistic Perspectives' was held in February 2013.