Library-Rules & Hours


  1. Persons wishing to make use of the Library should apply in writing to the Vice Chancellor, Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute (Deemed University), stating their occupation, address, qualifications and the purpose for which the permission is required. In case the applicant wishes to extend or renew his/her membership, he/she must make a fresh application.
  2. The Vice Chancellor of the Institute shall have full discretion in accepting or rejecting applications for permission to make use of the Library resources.
  3. Readers should not write upon, damage or make any mark upon any book, periodical, manuscript or map belonging to the Library.
  4. No mechanical reproduction shall be made without express permission from the Librarian.
  5. Silence shall be strictly observed in the Library. Use of mobiles is not permitted in the library premises.
  6. Before leaving the Library, readers shall return all the books taken for casual reading back to the assistant at the issue counter.
  7. Readers shall responsible for any damage or injury done to the books or other property belonging to the Library, and shall be required to replace such books, or other property damaged or injured or pay the value thereof.
  8. Umbrellas, sacks/bags, Laptop bags, Helmets and other receptacles are prohibited inside the Library. These should be kept in the racks provided on entrance.
  9. Bringing edibles/eating material, spitting and smoking are strictly prohibited inside the Library premises.
  10. The Library attendant at the entrance is authorized to examine everything that passes into or out of the library and the reading room.
  11. A reader is not expected to replace any book which has been once taken out of the shelf. They should keep those books on the shelves kept in the gangways.
  12. All books, journals, maps etc. should be returned back in time or whenever demanded by the Library.
  13. Cases of incivility or any other lapse in the service should be reported immediately to the Librarian or, in his absence, to the senior member of the staff present.
  14. Submission of "Library No Dues Certificate" to University Academic Section is compulsory after completion of degree or before submission of the Ph.D. Thesis.
  15. Readers who fail to comply with these rules may be deprived of the use of the Library.


The Library remains open between 10.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. on all working days except 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, Sundays and Government holidays.