Cancellation of Registration

  • Registration to the Ph.D. degree may be cancelled by the student concerned by applying to the Registrar. At the time of application he should have paid all the tuition and other compulsory fees and should enclose No Dues Certificates from the Library and Estate office. The application shall be recommended by his research guide. Suitable decision on the application shall be taken by the Departmental Committee and its decision shall be binding on the student. Cancellation of the registration shall be effective from the date the student applies for the same.
  • A student who is employed is required to give attendance at the Institute of a minimum of 180 days during the first three years of the date of registration or before submission of the thesis, whichever is earlier. Failure to adhere to this will result in the termination of the Ph.D. registration.
  • The Ph.D. registration of the student, who fails to submit his thesis within the stipulated period of six years shall automatically stands cancelled after the expiry of the registration period.
  • Failure to pay the fees as prescribed and scheduled by the Institute will lead to cancellation of admission to the course / payment of late fee/any other measure to be decided by the Institute
  • Admission to the Ph.D. degree shall be summarily cancelled by the Director at any time of the degree course in case of misconduct on the part of a student.
  • As a part of the admission procedure, if a foreign student fails to pass the English Language Test or is found medically unfit, his admission to the degree course shall be cancelled at any time of the course by the Institute.
  • A research student shall submit six monthly progress report of the work done by him signed by his research guide along with the payment of the fee installment. If a student does not submit the progress report and/or the fees for three consecutive installments the Ph.D. registration of the student shall be cancelled by the Director of the Institute. Cancellation of the registration shall be effective from the period the progress report has not been submitted and/or the fees have not been paid.
  • The Departmental Committee, on the recommendation of the research guide, shall cancel the Ph.D. registration of the student concerned, if the progress of his research, as reported by his research guide is found to be not satisfactory.