Research and Development Cell

The National Education Policy (NEP 2020) focuses on catalyzing quality research in the nation and lays the framework to strengthen research ecosystems in Higher Education. Keeping this idea in mind the UGC void letter No. 1-5/2021(NEP/DESK-PARL) dated 14th March 2022 has formulated guidelines for Establishment of Research and Development Cell in Higher Education Institutions and has instructed to establish the Research and Development Cell. In accordance with those guidelines, following Committees are being formed for the term of three years (from 12th September 2022 to 11th September 2025).

Research and Development Cell

  1. Vice-Chancellor or his nominee (Chairperson)
  2. All Professors of the University (Members)
  3. One industrialist (co-opted member)
  4. 3 members (subject experts) of the Academic Council (Members)
  5. One member of the Board of Management (Member)
  6. Dr. Gogte, Retired faculty member (Member)
  7. Dr. Alok Kanungo, Alumnus of Deccan College (Member)
  8. Registrar - Secretary

Director of the RD Cell — Senior most Professor of the University (By Rotation)

Committee 1- Finance and Infrastructure

  1. Prof. Prasad Joshi, Pro Vice-Chancellor - Chairperson
  2. Heads of all three departments
  3. Finance Officer / Registrar
  4. Internal Auditor
  5. Estate Manager
  6. Dr. Prabodh Shirvalkar
  7. Dr. Trupti More

Committee 2 - Research Programme and Policy Development

  1. Prof. Pandurang Sabale - Chairperson
  2. All professors of the University
  3. All Associate Professors of the University (By name)
  4. IQAC Coordinator
  5. Dr. Arati Deshpande -Mukherjee : COE
  6. Dr. Rahul Mhaiskar

Committee 3 - Collaboration and Community

  1. Prof. Sonal Kulkarni-Joshi - Chairperson
  2. Heads of all three departments
  3. IQAC Coordinator
  4. Registrar

Committee 4 - Product Development, Monitoring and Commercialisation

  1. Dr. Trupti More - Chairperson
  2. Dr. Amrita Sarkar - Member
  3. Dr. Shantanu Vaidya - Member

Committee 5 - IPR, Legal and Ethical Matters

  1. Dr. Shahida Ansari - Chairperson
  2. Dr. Shrikant Ganvir - Member
  3. Dr. Trupti More - Member
  4. Dr. Rahul Mhaiskar - Member