The Deccan College Internship Program is a learning opportunity for students to develop and enhance their academic, social and technical knowledge.

Who Can Apply
  • To introduce the basics of philosophy of science and ethics.
  • To inculcate research integrity.
  • To discuss publication ethics.
  • To educate on how to identify research misconduct and predatory publications.
  • To discuss Indexing and citation databases.
  • To provide information on open access publications and research metrics.
  • To introduce various plagiarism tools.

Duration: 1 year

Seats: 6


Deccan College does not remunerate interns. There is no compensation, financial or otherwise for internship assignments

How to Apply

Please send in your application in the prescribed format and email it to cc to only after the announcement of the next program.

Application Form


Dr. Amrita Sarkar


Program Credits: 2 Credits

Duration: 21 days

Tentative Dates: 19th June – 9th July 2024

Seats: 25

Eligibility :

  • Students studying in M.A. with specialization in Sanskrit.
  • Students who have appeared in the final year B.A. exam with Sanskrit.

Brief Description :

‘An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Sanskrit on Historical Principles’ (EDS) is one of the biggest Dictionaries in making. Students of Sanskrit get a rare opportunity to enroll for an internship program and get hands-on training in the process of Dictionary making. During the period of internship, the students practically work on all the primary steps of making dictionary of EDS, such as – to prepare and complete the reference slips of the entry-word, assign grammatical status, arrive at the meaning, complete citation along with commentaries and translations, add abbreviation of the book name, exact reference to the citation, to check the additions for the entries from various dictionaries and so on. The final task of the students is to prepare an article or copy of that entry and to check the proof of that copy.

Objectives :
  • To introduce the science of Lexicography to young students.
  • to provide the participants a practical training in the field of Lexicography and application of Sanskrit learning.

Outcomes :
  • It will give first hand experience to students to work in a Research project.
  • It will give opportunity to learn not only the important steps of making dictionary but also to learn and comprehend Sanskrit language more deeply and keenly.


  • It is a self-financed Internship Program. No T.A., D.A. or any other kind of remuneration will be paid by the Institute.
  • Filling of form is compulsory and does not guarantee admission to the internship Program.

How to Apply

Please send in your application in the prescribed format only after the announcement of the next program.

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Dr. Kirti Kulkarni