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The LDG is a forum for students, research scholars and teachers in the department to interact and discuss Linguistics outside the classroom. The group meets on Friday mornings during a semester. Invited lectures by senior linguists, presentation of unresolved problems/on-going or finished research by faculty and students in the department, group discussion of current debates and published research papers are some of the activities conducted under the LDG.

Current LDG Coordinator :

Mr. Rahul Mhaiskar,

Past LDG Coordinators :

Sambhaji Jadhav,

Khushboo Parghi,

Rahul Mhaiskar,

Shubhangi Kardile,

Details of Presentation :

Sr. no. Date Name of the Presenter Topic of Presentation
183 24/02/2020 Khushboo Parghi Particle hI and Speaker Meaning
182 07/02/2020 Sheetal Satam A Description of the Sawantwadi speech variety in Sindhudurg
181 07/02/2020 Hana AbdalBast Amar Comparative study: modifiers in noun phrase in modern standard Arabic and modern standard English.
180 07/02/2020 Prajakta Dange Semantic classification of actions and events from WordNet for Machine Learning Algorithm
179 24/02/2020 Satomi Chida The Causal Clauses in Marathi and Japanese
178 18/10/2019 Jayashri Bharambe Variation in Noun Morphology of Ahirani in Dhule District
177 18/10/2019 Sampada Deshpande Multifunctionality of the Dative Marker in Dialects of Marathi: A Semantic Perspective
176 18/10/2019 Phramaha Sarosh Satiman The Study of Pali Compounding in Dhammapadatthakatha
175 18/10/2019 Naomi Fernandes Acquisition of Konkani Gender among Children (3-9 yrs): An Analysis
174 30/08/2019 Sadegh Baghfalaki Persian Borrowed Words in Hindi/Urdu Language; Phonological and Semantic Changes
173 30/08/2019 Ruta Paradkar A grammatical sketch of the Konkni variety spoken in Cape Town
172 23/08/2019 Banwang Losu The Wancho Script
171 23/08/2019 Mugdha Date Grammatical agreement in Marathi
169 02/08/2019 Sambhaji Jadhav Morphological Analysis of Aspect in the Chandgad variety of Marathi
168 26/04/2019
  1. Philippe Antoine Martinez
  2. Dr. Rita Mathur
  1. Evidentiality in Chhitkul-Rakchham

  2. Bilingual First Language Acquisition and Multilingualism
167 22/04/2019
  1. Pratibha Dongare
  2. Nikitha Ganesh
  1. Rule-based Names Entity Recognition for Marathi
  2. Lexicon of Afro American Vernacular English
166 18/04/2019
  1. MA IV Semester Students
  2. Juhi Sharma
  3. Kanupriya Kale
  4. Pratibha Dongare
  5. Namrata Shivani
  6. Salwa Kazi
  1. Block Seminar in Cognitive Linguistics

  2. Hand-Idioms in Hindi from a Cognitive Perspective
  3. Animal Metaphors in Marathi
  4. Cognitive Basis of Paninian Word Classes in Sanskrit
  5. Image Schema of the Tamil Postposition me:l
  6. Multifunctionality of -ši Postposition in (Sangameshwari) Kokni
165 17/04/2019
  1. Kaupriya Kale
  2. Salwa Kazi
  1. Locative Alternation in Marathi
  2. A Grammatical Sketch of the Speech Variety of Sangameshwar
164 12/04/2019
  1. Aritraa Datta

  2. Juhi Sharma
  3. Kanupriya Kale
  4. Namrata Shivani

  5. Nikitha Ganesh

  6. Salwa Kazi
  1. Haspelmath, M. “Comparative concpets and descriptive categories in cross-linguistic studies”
  2. Baker. “Formal Generative Typology”
  3. “A brief summary of the Nupe controversy”
  4. Haspelmath, M. “Comparative concepts and descriptive categories”
  5. Newmeyer. “Comparative conspets and descriptive categories: A reply to Haspelmath”
  6. Hopper and Thomson “Transitivity”
163 12/04/2019 Satomi Chida A Contrastive Study of Marathi and Japanese Adverbial Clauses
162 08/04/2019 MA IV Semester students
  1. Aritraa Datta
  2. Juhi Sharma
  3. Kanupriya Kale
  4. Namrata Shivani
  5. Nikitha Ganesh
  6. Salwa Kazi
Word Atlas of Language Structures features
  1. Bengali
  2. Hindi
  3. Marathi
  4. Tamil
  5. Tamil
  6. Marathi
161 05/04/2019 Megna Carvalho Conceptual Metaphor Theory and a few stories in Gujarati
160 08/02/2019 Salwa Kazi & Kanupriya Kale The film Arrival
159 03/10/2018 Prof. R. C. Sharma Language and Mind
158 26/09/2018 Philippe Antoine Martinez A Corpus-based account of morphosyntactic evidentiality in interaction in Chhitkul
157 22/09/2018 Prof. Biswamohan Pradhan Literary Discourse: Semiotic Perspective
156 11/09/2018 Aaditya Kulkari Compound Verbs in Diachrony: Evidence from Marathi
155 10/08/2018 Khushboo Parghi On Emphatic Particle hI in Hindi
154 20/04/2018 Apurva Sheel Summarizinng the Haspelmath-Newmeyer Debate on Descriptive Categories vs Comparative Concepts
153 20/04/2018 Swarali Vaidya Summarizing the debate on the use of methodology to determine class-values that different languages show for different features
152 20/04/2018 Apurva Sheel & Swarali Vaidya Analytical Typological Features proposed by WALS on Hindi and Marathi
151 17/04/2018 Saee Vaze Phonological Representation of Panini Ac-Sandhi-Sutras: An Overview
150 06/04/2018 Swarali Vaidya Lexical Aspect in Marathi: Applying Diagnostic Tests for Vendlerian Classes
149 27/01/2018 Ms. Sonal Chitnis Neurobiology of Aphasia and Clinical Correlates
148 22/12/2017 Prof. Pramod Pandey Prosodic Phonology II
147 21/12/2017 Prof. Pramod Pandey Prosodic Phonology I
146 11/10/2017 Prof. Hans. H. Hock South Asia and Historical Linguistics
145 22/09/2017 Prof. Z. N. Patil Workshop on Language Teaching through Literature II
144 15/09/2017 Prof. Z. N. Patil Workshop on Language Teaching through Literature I
143 11/08/2017 Dr. Madhavi Reddy Making Sense of Images: An Introduction to Researching with Visual Materials in Social Sciences
142 04/08/2017 Dr. Anagha Bhat Original Text vs. Translated Text
141 28/07/2017 Satomi Chida Information Structyre of Japanese and Marathi Voice Expressions
140 21/07/2017 Chaksang Siro Dialectology of Tangkhul-Naga Language: A study of the Phonology of Hunphun, Talui and Lunghar Varities
139 14/07/2017 Swati Singh Politeness Strategies in hindi and Magahi: A Comparative Study
138 14/07/2017 Vaishali Satwase Texting in Blogs: A Computational Model for Pre-Processing
137 14/07/2017 Navya Pathak Expressives in Bhojpuri
136 03/05/2017 Ms. Anupama Pol Open defence - Role of communication statregies in the development of oral communication skills in English: A Case study of undergraduate student in Solapur Univesity
135 21/04/2017 Alico Fernandes A descriptive study of prevailing ‘shibboleth features’ of the Hari variety of Saxtii of Goan Catholic Konkani(M.A. Dissertation)
134 21/04/2017 Aaditya Kulkarni HIT-expressions in Marathi (M.A. Dissertation)
133 21/04/2017 Sampada Deshpande Evidentiality in Gujarati(M.A. Dissertation)
132 07/04/2017 V. Ramprashnth Fractal Analysis of Subrahmanya Bharathi’s Poems and their English Translations(M.A. Dissertation)
131 07/04/2017 Apinao Leisan Pre-Requisite to submission of Ph.D synopsis
130 31/03/2017 Geyi Yete Pre-Requisite to submission of Ph.D synopsis
129 3/02/2017 Ruta Paradkar Kokni in South Africa- A case of language in diaspora
128 13/01/2017 Ms. Megna Carvalho Mapping Metaphor in Indian Writing in English: A Case Study
127 13/01/2017 Aaditya Kulkarni Present Progressive Verb Form in Kolhapuri Marathi: A Case of Grammaticalization?
126 29/11/2016 Arvind Jadhav Pre-Requisite to submission of Ph.D synopsis
125 24/11/2016 Ms Jayashree Patil Study of the Noun Morphology of Lamani Language Spoken in Pune
124 18/11/2016 Mohammad Sadegh Baghfalaki Teaching Persian to Hindi Speakers under Persian Framework of Reference for Elementary Level (A2)
123 18/11/2016 Ms Satomi Chida Analysis of voice in Marathi and Japanese versions of “The Diary of Anne Frank”
122 15/11/2016 Rev Morakandegoda Ariyavansa Open defence - A structural study of the verb in classical Sinhalese
121 08/11/2016 Atiur Rehman Khan Prerequisite to submission of PhD synopsis
120 09/09/2016 Swapnil Moon A Computational Analysis of Marathi Verb Morphology
119 17/05/2016 Ms. Anupama Pol Pre-requisite submission of the Ph.D. synopsis
118 17/05/2016 Mr. Swapnil Moon Pre-requisite submission of the Ph.D. synopsis
117 16/05/2016 Ms. Esther Talang-Rao Pre-requisite submission of the Ph.D. synopsis
116 30/03/2016 Ms. Aparna Oak, Mr. Ashish Pawar, Ms. Ruta Ghotkar, Ms. Sonia Sharma, Ms. Stafy Pearl Word Order Typology
115 04/03/2016 Sonia Sharma Variability of Sindhi in Pimpri
114 04/03/2016 Rahul Mhaiskar Contact and Covergence: A Case of Nagpuri Marathi
113 01/03/2016 Gregory D. S. Anderson Special Lecture on What Munda languages are really like
112 18/02/2016 Ms. Apinao Reisagmi Leisan pre-requisite submission the Ph.D. synopsis
111 29/01/2016 Suzanne Wong Scollon Special Lecture on Nexus Analysis Endangered Languages and Villages
110 16/12/2015 Mona Parakh Working with Corpora: The Basics of Corpus Linguistics
109 23/11/2015 Gyaneshwer Chaubey The Archaeogenetics of Ganga plain
108 30/10/15 Megna Carvalho Motion Events in Gujarati
107 30/10/15 Manish Mishra Language Contact and Convergence: A Case Study of Hindi spoken in Arunachal Pradesh
106 23/10/15 Apinao Leisan Phonotactic and Morphophonemic Aspects of Hunphun
105 23/10/15 Swapnil Moon A Computational Analysis of Marathi Verb Morphology
104 09/10/15 Arvind Jadhav Spatial Postpositions in Marathi
103 18/09/15 Geyi Ete Noun Morphology of Bokar
102 11/09/15 Atiur Rahman Khan Suffix Concatenation in Inflectional Morphology: A Rule-based Approach for Bangla Nouns and Adjectives
101 14/08/15 Anupama Pol Overview of the Research Work
100 14/08/15 Dr. Gayatri Singhal Fulbright Fellowship Opportunities to the U.S.
99 23/07/15 Umesh Kochrekar Enhancing English Vocabulary Directly from Sanskrit
98 09/07/15 Rev. M. Ariyawansa A Structural Study of the Verb Form of the Classical Sinhalese Language
97 30/04/2015 Samaneh Ghasempoor Farsani Phonological Comparison of Present Verbs in Standard and Colloquial Modern Persian Language
96 30/04/2015 Opino Gomango Noun Morphology of Sora Language
95 30/04/2015 Kavya Ashok Kumar Cross -cultural Pragmatics - A Study of Humor in Scripted Dialogues
94 17/04/2015 Amanda de Athayde Phonology of Goan Portugese: A Study of Language Contact
93 17/04/2015 Sadegh Baghfalaki Kermanshahi Kurdish Phonological System
92 16/04/2015 Meghana Palshikar Analyzing the errors made by the 2nd standard Marathi medium school children in learning English
91 10/04/2015 Ankita Vikhankar Politeness Markers and Strategies in Marathi
90 10/04/2015 Jannat Sulieman A study of the speech act of Compliment in Libyan Arabic and English
89 09/04/2015 Satomi Chida Analysis of Japanese case marking particle errors made by Marathi JSL learners by using contrastive analysis between Japanese and Marathi
88 20/03/2015 Satish Sudam Bangar Development of Memory Based POS Tagger for English
87 20/03/2015 Opino Gomango Noun Morphology Of Sora language
86 12/03/15 Samaneh Ghasempoore Farsani The phonological comparison of present verbs in standard and colloquial modern Persian language.
(M.A. Dissertation)
85 04/03/15 Amanda Flory de Athayde Phonology of Goan Portuguese: A Study of Language Contact.
(M.A. Dissertation)
84 27/02/15 Jannat Sulieman A study of the speech act of Compliment in Libyan Arabic and English.
(M.A. Dissertation)
83 27/02/15 Sadegh Baghfalaki Kermanshahi Kurdish Phonological System.
(M.A. Dissertation)
82 05/02/15 Ankita Vikhankar Politeness Markers and Strategies in Marathi.
(M.A. Dissertation)
81 05/02/15 Meghana Palshikar Analyzing the errors made by the 2nd standard Marathi medium school children in learning English.
(M.A. Dissertation)
80 30/01/15 Kavya Ashok Kumar Cross-cultural Pragmatics – A Study of Humour in Scripted Dialogues.
(M.A. Dissertation)
79 30/01/15 Satomi Chida Analysis of Japanese case marking particle errors made by Marathi JSL learners by using contrastive analysis between Japanese and Marathi
(M.A. Dissertation)
78 23/01/15 Satish Sudam Bangar Development of Memory Based POS Tagger for English.
(M.A. Dissertation)
77 16/01/15 Shrity Amit Prasad Phonological sketch of Kulung
76 09/01/15 Video Presentation Video of a talk by Keith Chen on: “Could your language affect your ability to save money?"
75 31/10/14 Gayetri Thakur Polysemy of meiN and par in Bhojpuri.
74 17/10/14 Apinao Leisan Tones of Hunphun: Phonetic and Morphophonemeic Aspects.
73 10/10/14 Swapnil Moon Nominal Morphology of Marathi: A Model for Machine Translation.
72 26/09/14 Arvind Jadhav Topological Spatial Relations in Marathi: A Cognitive Linguistic Approach.
71 26/09/14 Rahul Mhaiskar Devanagari and Romanagari: A Reformative Study.
70 30/08/14 Atiur Rehman Khan Suffix Concatenation in Inflectional Morphology: A Rule-based Approach for Bangla Nouns and Adjectives.
69 21/08/14 Sujata Bhujang Some Features of Hindi-Urdu spoken in Daulatabad.
68 21/08/14 Esther Rao The Aspects of Khasi and English Contact in Meghalaya.
67 14/08/14 Anupama Pol Measurement of Fluency and Accuracy – Methodological Considerations.
66 11/04/2014 Narendra Singh The role of linguistics in translation: with reference to French and English.
65 11/4/2014 Nidhi Singh Language learning challenges in children with Kinaesthetic learning style.
64 04/04/2014 Jayashri Patil Study of the phonology in Lamani language spoken in Pune
63 4/4/2014 Mayur Gohad The Phonology of Mati Wadar spoken in Wadarwadi, Pune
62 28/03/2014 Ali Moshiri Phonology of Baluchi language spoken in Pune
61 07/02/2014 Rev. Morakandegoda Ariyawansa Optative mood in Classical Sinhalese: structure and usages
60 24/01/2014 Pol Anupama Prakash Linguistics competence and communication: strategies among undergraduate students insolapur district : an overview of the methodology
59 13/01/2014 Dr. Ashwini Deo The imperfective-perfective contrast in Middle Indic
58 18/10/2013 Megna Carvalho A study of Assamese Kinship Terms
57 18/10/2013 K. Anandakiththi A Contrastive Analysis of Consonant Clusters in Sinhala and Marathi
56 04/10/2013 Shirty Rai Descriptive Grammar of Kulung
55 20/09/2013 Nending Ommo Descriptive Grammar and Texts of Apatani
54 13/09/2013 LDG Prof. Ashok R. Kelkar: A pioneer in Linguistics(a film by atul pethe productions)
53 30/08/2013 Sujata Bhujang A Case study of Marathi-Hindi-Urdu Contact in Daulatabad
52 02/8/2013 Arvind Iyengar Heritage Language shift among young Sindhis in Pune
51 19/07/2013 Khushboo Parghi Issues with the Unergative / Unaccusative Classification of the Intransitive Verbs
50 12/04/2013 Prajakta Gohad Some aspects of Verb Morphology in Maharashtri Prakrit, Apabhramsha and Old Marathi
49 12/4/2013 Swapnil D. Moon A Computational analysis of Marathi verb morphology: A model for Machine Translation
48 12/04/2013 Manish Mishra Language Contact and Convergence : A case study of Arunachali Hindi
47 30/03/2013 Pol Anupama P. The role of communicative competence in developing L2 skills among undergraduate students
46 15/03/2013 Ruta Paradkar Noun and Verb Morphology in Padye
45 08/3/2013 Jadhav Arvind Postpositions in Marathi : their syntactic, semantic and pragmatic behaviour
44 06/03/2013 Prashant Pardeshi Blowing hot, hotter and hotter yet:Temperature Vocabulary in Marathi
43 01/03/2013 Gayetri Thakur Spatial postpositions in Bhojpuri
42 26/10/2012 Geyi Ete Descriptive Study of Bokar Language
41 19/10/2012 Esther Telang Aspects of Khasi and English Contact in Meghalaya
40 12/10/2012 Ariyawansa Thero The future Tense in the Sinhalese language
39 05/10/2012 Apinao Reisagmi L. Comparative study of Phonology of Hunphun and Seikhor varieties of Tangkhul Naga
38 10/09/2012 Rishikanta Meitei Design and Development of Electronic Thesaurus in Manipuri (Meiteilol)
37 07/09/2012 S R Sharma Development of initial CC, Monophthongs and diphthongs in Tibeto-Burman
36 31/08/2012 S R Sharma Initial consonants in Proto-Tibeto-Burman and their development in the modern TB Languages
35 24/08/2012 Imtiaz Hasnain From Centre to Periphery: Marginalization of Urdu.
34 03/08/2012 Niti Kumari   Language Change in Maithili(Dialect of Maithili spoken in Saharsa)
33 27/07/2012 Atiur Rahman Khan NLP and Morphology (Bangla Noun)
32 20/04/2012 Edna Vaz Addressing in Konkani
31 13/04/2012 Jaehee Park Typology of verbal affixes in Korean
30 6/4/2012 Kapugollawe Anandkiththi A Contrastive Sketch of Sinhala and Marathi Vowel Phonemes
29 02/04/2012 Dr. Prashant Pardeshi Motion event in Marathi : insight and implications
28 16/03/2012 Kantilal Mahale Word order typology of Kunkana
27 16/03/2012 Hinaben Vasava Word order typology of Dehawali
26 16/03/2012 Jariyanan Kongnorasate Word order typology of object and verb in Thai
25 16/03/2012 Jayashree Bharambe Word order typology of Leva Patidar, a dialect of Marathi
24 03/02/2012 Shailendra Mohan Research Methodologies
23 27/01/2012 Shailendra Kumar Building of an annotated corpora for sentential analysis
22 20/01/2012 M. Ariyawansa Hierarchical position of imperatives forms in Sinhalese
21 25/03/2011 Dr. Rita Mathur Awareness of Paradigmatic Relations in Bi- or Multilingual Children: A Case Study
20 28/01/2011 Group Discussion ‘A Linguistic Account of Number Names in Bangla, Assamese, and Oriya’ by Prof. Mina Dan
19 21/01/2011 Sambhaji Jadhav Acquisition of English interrogative structures by Marathi speaking children
18 01/10/2010 Renuka Ozarkar Compound Verbs in Marathi: Issues in Investigation
17 17/09/2010 Dr. sonal Kulkarni-Joshi Constraints on Structural Change in Border Areas
16 31/08/2010 Rahul Mhaiskar POS tagset design for annotating Marathi corpus
15 27/08/2010 Dr. Shailendra Mohan Minority and Majority Linguistic Groups in India: Issues and Problems
14 16/08/2010 Dr. Rita Mathur Sign Language
13 06/08/2010 Group Discussion ‘Features and Parameters for Different Purposes’ by Peter Ladefoged
12 23/04/2010 Parvatbhai Vadi Phonemic analysis of Vadi Language
11 23/04/2010 C. M. Khambu Pronominal Systemin Ering
10 22/04/2010 Geyi Ete Phonology of Galo (hill areas)
9 22/04/2010 Lachmi Cheda Phonology of Nyishi
8 16/04/2010 Shrity Rai Some aspects of the Grammar of Kulung
7 16/04/2010 Nending Omme Phonology of Apatani
6 09/04/2010 Wanglit Mongchan Classifiers in Nocte
5 26/03/2010 Rahul Mhaiskar Rule based Marathi Adjective Recognizer
4 12/03/2010 Dr. Rita Mathur Lexical Semantic Organization in Bilingual Children
3 05/03/2010 Dr. Janhavi Bidnur Multilingualism and techno-communication: Language registers endangered and engendered
2 26/02/2010 Shubhangi Kardile Gender in the Marathi spoken by Mahadeo Kolis
1 05/02/2010 Wanglit Mongchan Negation and Agreement in Nocte