Types of Linguistic Studies undertaken : Linguistics

Descriptive Studies

  • Phonetic Recording (both transcriptional & mechanical)
  • Linguistic description of Indian languages and dialects
  • Preparation of dialect atlases
  • Preparation of grammars, glossaries and anthologies of Indian languages and dialects

Historical and Comparative Studies & Etymological Studies

  • Historical Grammar of Inscriptional Prakrits
  • Case Variation in the Critical Edition of the Mahabharata
  • Historical Grammar of Apabhramsa
  • Nominal Composition in Middle Indo-Aryan
  • Verbal Composition in Indo-Aryan
  • Linguistic Peculiarities of Jnanesvari
  • Historical Grammar of Old Kannada
  • Evolution of Malayalam
  • Vedic Literature cited and discussed in Sabara Bhasya
  • Etymological Equations in Pre-Nirukta literature
  • Pre-Sayana Commentaries on the Rgveda
  • A Study of the Rgvedic Mantras in all the extant Grhyasutras
  • Rgveda Mantras in their ritual setting in the Grhyasutras

  • Sociolinguistic and Ethnolinguistic Studies
  • Stylistic Studies
  • Applied Linguistic studies mainly in lexicography and language teaching

Specialized Areas

The department specializes in the study of four language families found in India
  • Austro-Asiatic
  • Dravidian
  • Indo-Aryan
  • Tibeto-Burman

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