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Name : Prof. Sonal Kulkarni-Joshi
Designation : Professor and Head of the Department
Qualification : Ph.D., M.A. (Linguistics)
Email Id : sonal.kulkarni@dcpune.ac.in, sonalkulk@rediffmail.com
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Name : Prof. Shailendra Mohan
Designation : Professor and Former Head of the Department (2015-2018)
Qualification : M.A., M. Phil, Ph. D. (Linguistics)
Email Id : smohan72@gmail.com, shailendra.mohan@dcpune.ac.in
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Name : Mr. Rahul Mhaiskar
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.A., M.Phil. (Language Technology)
Email Id : mhaiskar.rahul74@gmail.com, rahul.mhaiskar@dcpune.ac.in.
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Name : Dr. Shubhangi Kardile
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : B.A., M.A., Ph. D.
Email Id : shubhangi.kardile@dcpune.ac.in
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Name : Sambhaji Jadhav
Designation : Research Assistant
Qualification : M.A. (Linguistics), M.A. (English)
E-Mail : sambhaji.jadhav@dcpune.ac.in
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Name : Satish Sudam Bangar
Designation : Laboratory Assistant, Research Assistant in Applied Linguistics (additional charge from 14 Mar 2017 to till date)
Qualification : B. Sc. (Phy), M.C.A. (Sci), M.A. (Linguistics)
E-Mail : satish.bangar@dcpune.ac.in
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Name : Sanjay Hargude
Designation : Technical Assistant
Qualification : B. Sc. (Phy), M.C.A. (Sci)
E-Mail : sanjay.hargude@dcpune.ac.in
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